The human figure is the object of greatest artistic interest to me since it is where we live and it embodies the mysterious intersection of physical, emotional, and spiritual. I try to maintain a discipline of figure study in order to refine my intuitive understanding of how the human body works. I have also recently begun incorporating photography into my work, which has opened up new modes of experimentation.

My compositional mindset moves between realism and a somewhat expressionistic approach. I like to incorporate personal symbols into areas of loose brushwork or texture fields built from lines. The viewer may encounter juxtaposed and otherwise unrelated components that come together to form a statement. At other times, I just begin painting in an abstract manner and then keep working the canvas as I see something develop – whether obvious or esoteric – until I am satisfied compositionally. Some of my favorite components are genderless floating figures that seem to be observing or possibly influencing the primary subject in the composition, clouds, swirling vapor, various symbolic references to the creative process, and of course humans. An overarching concern of mine is to balance tensions between elements. An example of this pairing is between the surface plane and represented image; content may project a scene but the physical work must stand on its own accord.

Inspiration for works within the Identity exhibit came from three sources: significant teachings in classic and contemporary literature (including devotionals), major events in my life, and impactful dreams. Some pieces are metaphorical; others represent a personal narrative. I am not attempting to tell the whole story – each is like a crude memorial to an event, like a pile of stones in the wilderness.

Artists who are concerned with making a statement regarding the human condition, the search for identity, and a cry for healing influence my art. Within the context of historical art trends and a world full of anti-life media, I see the need now to represent the full truth – not only man’s condition but redemption as well. My goal is to have all dimensions of my art intersect into a consistently compelling style with content relevant to today and tomorrow.